Leading schools across Victoria choose to list ConnectApp. Paying for ConnectApp enables us continue developing gold-standard content and features, an investment we need to keep building an amazing product.

In 2018, we opened up a way for people to use ConnectApp for free. This enables students and teachers to experience the power of the ConnectApp platform in a limited way – 100 free question attempts or 100 free video views is the limit. 

Once a user reaches this limit, we ask them to pay for a subscription.

How does a subscription work?

This is a monthly, all-access subscription which costs just $19 a month. This is less than most people would pay for an hour of tutoring.

How do I subscribe?

Once you hit the question limit, we will email you and present a page which allows you to subscribe to ConnectApp using a credit card.

How do I cancel a subscription?

Please use the blue chat widget on our website – we'll cancel a subscription for you immediately so it no longer recurs, but you can continue to use ConnectApp for the rest of the month that you paid for.

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