SuperClasses are the gold-standard in tutoring, allowing a small group of students exclusive access to one of the state's best tutors – someone that got an incredible score, but also has superior communication and teaching skills.

How will two hours be spent?
Every SuperClasses lesson includes a combination of powerful instruction (clear and detailed explanations of key content/skills), active learning (chances for you to practice, reinforce instruction and interact with your SuperTutor and fellow students), measurement (chances for us to collect data on how students are doing – for example, tests and practice tasks, multiple choice and short answer questions, understanding checks, quizzing, student-tutor interaction), and feedback (guidance for students on how to approach tasks they completed, specific advice for improvement).

While lesson structure varies by subject, the above mixture is true across subjects.

What is the focus of each lesson?
We tend to focus our time on higher-level concepts, but we also find it essential to start from foundational ideas that help all students understand the more challenging topics and tasks. 

We really focus on integrating knowledge/skills across topics, providing
continuous revision and practise towards the exam. 

Given our extensive knowledge of how students are tested, we frequently point out commonly tested areas, giving you details about what is tested, how, and the process you can use to prepare.

Do you teach off the textbook?
No, but we may cite textbooks from time to time. Remember, the exam is not based off the textbook – it's based off the content of the study design. We create our own resources and collect from the best of everything out there to ensure you're getting explanations, stimulus materials, and practise questions/tasks that will prepare you for SACs and the exam.

Will I get resources and practise questions/task?
Yes, SuperClasses includes resources every week, many of which form the foundation of the learning that occurs during lessons. Often these resources have extra questions which can be used for private study.

Will I get to ask individual questions?
Yes, if the question is relevant to all students, then we'll use lesson time to address student questions – two hours allows us the space to do this. If your question is very specific, you're more than welcome to discuss this with your SuperTutor before or after the lesson.

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