I signed up for the Pro or Plus plan. When do we get Connect Notes?

Every SuperClass comes with weekly resources to help you actively learn, practise for SAC and exam-related tasks, and get extra tips and tricks to help you throughout the year.

Connect Notes are an all-in-one resource for the whole course.

  • In Semester 1, we will provide these for you within the first four weeks.
  • In Semester 2, we will provide these for you within the first two weeks.

What about Connect Lectures in the Pro or Plus plan?
We roll out a way for you to select the lectures you would like to redeem 1-2 months before the lecture series, which are in the winter holidays (Headstart Series) and spring (Revision Series).

What should I bring to SuperClasses? 

Bring everything you need to get the most out of class, as you would at school. This might include stationery, a notepad, and any references you might want to have handy, if any (e.g. textbooks, books, your own notes, Connect Notes). If your subject needs tools such as calculators, then please bring these too. In terms of note-taking, you will receive weekly notes from Connect. On top of this, some students will take notes on a tablet or laptop, while will take handwritten notes.

Can I contact my SuperTutor outside of class times?

For sure! There are two ways you can source help from your SuperTutor and the wider Connect Community:

  1. Email. Each SuperTutor will provide their email so you can get in touch with them. 📧
  2. Facebook. Join the Connect Community on Facebook. You'll find a wealth of knowledge and support, from the entire Connect Team and our incredibly talented and resourceful community of students. 🙌

Note, we're super happy (😃) to help with your questions between each SuperClass. This said, tutors are busy, and extensive support requests such as marking of numerous questions, essay proofreading, phone calls, or one-to-one tutorials cannot be accommodated. 

My friends are interested in signing up. How do they do so? 

They should visit out website and put in a pre-registration. If they let us know that you referred them, we can provide a $30 discount for them and a $50 credit for you to use on anything you'd like: SuperClasses, Connect Lectures, or Connect Notes.

I'd like to join an additional SuperClass. How do I do so? 

Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

I missed a week. What do I do? 

Come in early the next week. Pick up a copy of last week's notes, and ask your SuperTutor to get you up to speed on the key points of last week's lesson so you feel more in the loop.

Can a tutor email me notes?

As it turns out, we only provide printed versions of our notes.

Will there be time to ask questions in SuperClasses? 

Yes, absolutely! Two hours provides an ideal period of time for guided walkthroughs, practice questions/tasks and feedback, as well as space for everyone in the SuperClasses to ask their own questions.

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